Students, Patients, Paupers

The St Philips building on the LSE campus is slowly being emptied of its contents.
Knobs are disappearing from the doors, bookshelves lie exposed
and a new light pours in from the bare windows.
It would seem the life of this hundred-year-old building is at its end.

The St Philips Exhibition, Students, Patients, Paupers, runs from 5 – 13 May 2011, featuring new works and performances by 20 artists and a week-long public programme of film screenings, receptions and lectures.

St Philips – an Edwardian block dating to 1904 – is a former workhouse, venereal disease hospital and refugee facility. In the weeks before its demolition, we have moved in as the building’s sole residents. Seizing a unique liminal moment in the process of regeneration, Students, Patients, Paupers engages the building’s history, as well as critical debates about
destruction and creativity in the city.

Participants include: Gus Casely-Hayford, curator and cultural historian; Sir Richard McCormac, founder, MJP Architects; Josephine Berry Slater, editor, Mute Magazine, and author of ‘No Room to Move: Radical Art And The Regenerate City’; and the artists Tom Hunter, Christian Kerrigan, Post-Works, Dominic Wilcox and Stephen Nelson.

Curated by
Christien Garcia, Miranda Iossifidis, Adam Kaasa and Katherine Wallis

Special thanks
Cities Programme, LSE Pro-Directors Fund, Wellcome Library, Asahi, LSE Estates Division, Dan, Mick and Ray in the LSE AV Department, LSE IT Department, Alexandra Doe, Museum of London Archaeology, Guy Archard for installation photography.


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